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October 01, 2008

My Pledge

What Do I Support?

There are different reasons people decide to donate and there are different ways to donate to the community. In the past few years I was donating money to different organizations without any plan of action but recently I started thinking whether this is the right approach and whether I can make impact that way. Therefore I sat and came up with a list of things I want to see improved. Here it is with the reasons behind it:

  • Environment. When I moved to Germany I was surprised how much effort people put in “being green” – separating the trash, biking, turning off the engine while standing and so on. Unlike other people coming from developing countries I immediately came onboard – I even took a training how to drive efficiently. I believe that if everybody does his part we will be able to save the environment for our children.
  • Healthcare. It is sad to see people die everyday because there is no cure available for so many diseases. I was emotionally moved by the story of a person I know – she developed cancer in her 30s and her chances to survive are quite minimal.
  • Education. Education helps people advance; the more educated they are the better lives they live. I am glad that I received my education for free but not everybody is so lucky and I feel that I can do something to change that.
  • Children. Children are the future of our planet – the more we invest in them the better ROI we will receive. I like children and I think that they deserve better lives than their parents.


It will be hard to measure the success for any donation effort and I know that my impact could be minimal. But I plan to stick to my plan for the future and hopefully I will be able to change something.


Who Do I Support?

Here are the organizations I plan to support so far:


How the Money is Distributed?

As I already mentioned in the About this Blog page donations to those organizations will be made from money earned through affiliate links and search as well as from sponsorship. Here is how the money will be distributed:

  • The first $150 earned by this blog will be used to pay for the hosting fee. If the hosting fee charged by TypePad increases in future then this amount will do so too.
  • In general I will donate minimum $100 to any organization above. If the blog didn’t earn enough money to donate at least $100 for each organization then I will donate money in the order they are listed. For example if the blog earned only $100 then it will go to the school.

    If there are enough money to donate at least $100 to every organization above then the money will be split evenly between the organizations.
  • 50% of the money received from sponsorship will be donated using even parts for every organization.


Of course if you support the cause of the any organization above you can donate to it directly by clicking on their logo. The best way to learn about their cause is to read their About Us page or Mission Statement (also linked above).


With your help I hope we can make impact.


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