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October 01, 2008

Disclaimers and Disclosures


This is a personal blog and all opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my current or previous employers or partners I work or worked with. My opinion can be different from my employer’s or yours, as yours can be different from your neighbor's and there is nothing wrong with that as we all have different personalities, goals and ideals. What I write in this blog in no way represents the plans, policies or intentions of my employer or the partners I work with. To repeat – everything written her are my own thoughts, ideas and conclusions that does not represents the ones from other people or companies including my employer.


In general you can disagree with me or challenge me using the comments field after every post, however I reserve the rights to delete any comments containing abusive, profane, rude, impolite or off-topics content. I will also remove any comments with self promotional or any other type of spam content. I will be glad to discuss your business and even write a post for it if I believe that publicizing it will benefit lot of people but please keep it out of the comments. I welcome open discussions though, and I encourage you to express your own opinions on everything I write.


Content (including my own) from this blog may be removed if it violates any laws, contracts (including the one between myself and my employer), copyrights or if it is considered inappropriate by any other means.


Currently I am employed by Microsoft as Senior Program Manager Lead in Windows Azure. In my role at Microsoft I work with different teams among which are Windows Client, Windows Live, Windows Marketing, AdCenter and Live Search. Although I have some exposure on their future plans I will refrain to discuss those if they are not publicly available.


Although I will try to be objective in every discussion I may decide not to participate if I believe this violates my employer’s policies.


I would like to give special credits to Petr Stanicek for the Color Scheme Designer I used to create the design for my blog.


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