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October 01, 2008

Contact Information

Unlike lot of organizations I will make my contact data obvious because I believe that the best way to start conversation is to know how to contact the other person. So, here are the ways you can get in touch with me:

  • The easiest way is to use the comments field after every post. In majority of cases this will do the work because I assume you want to contact me about something related to what I wrote. You are not required to register to submit comments.
  • If you like to send me direct message then you can use my e-mail for that: me[at] (Yes! The formatting is done to avoid spammers:))
  • The other open forum you can use to contact me is Twitter - @toddysm. However you need to be registered as Twitter user if you want to follow my stream or send me public messages (called @-replies), and I need to follow you if you want to send me direct messages. I will be glad to follow you if you give me good reason to :)
  • Another way to get in touch with me is through My Facebook Page. As with Twitter you need to be Facebook user to request to be my friend. Unlike Twitter I need to approve you as a friend on Facebook in order for you to see my profile or follow my stream.
  • Twitter and Facebook are the casual ways to communicate with me. I use LinkedIn for more formal networking and you can request to become part of my network if you want to do some business with me. Here is My Profile on LinkedIn.
  • I am also trying to figure out what can I use FriendFeed for and you may be able to help me. If you don’t use any of the services above but you use FriendFeed the you can add me as your frind. Here is My FriendFeed Page.


Except the email all other methods are accessible through the right-hand navigation of my blog.


Let’s get the conversation going.


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I would like to know whether windows Azure is compatible with Intel core i3 (of which version) or not.


@sb: I am not sure I understand your question. Are you planning to run code that is specifically compiled for i3 on Azure? Can you give me some more details on what exactly you want to achieve?

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