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October 01, 2008

About this Blog

Using the old cliché “One picture is word thousand words” I will start with a link to the Word Cloud for my Blog. This is the best way to get quick overview what I write about. (Note: I update the Word Cloud periodically because Wordle doesn’t provide functionality for auto-generation)


At the beginning my goals for this blog were quite simple:

  • Share information, ideas and opinions
  • Keep those ideas for reference


Few posts later something made me think whether those are ambitious enough and worth spending my time to write and other peoples’ time to read the lines I write. Thus made me change my goals slightly:

  • Create original and exciting content that is interesting to read, educates and helps people
  • Share knowledge and experience and help others increase their intellectual potential
  • Generate ideas and inspire people to grow intellectually and fulfill their dreams


Those are ambitious – aren’t they? But how do I measure them. Learning from Avinash Kaushik’s post Blog Metrics: Six Recommendations to Measure Measuring Your Success(and particularly the recommendations for the Personal Blog Persona) here are the things I will concentrate on measuring:

  • Raw Author Contribution – My goal is to submit a post with original content at least once per week
  • Audience Growth – If my posts are interesting then my audience will consistently grow
  • Conversation Rate – If I really create valuable content people will be willing to ask questions, provide opinions or… just start conversation with me
  • Cost – Don’t know yet (except the hosting - $149.50 annually) but I started keeping track on how much time I spend on my blog
  • Revenue – This is not one of the Avinash’s metrics but I plan to measure those (see Monetization for more information)


Although you may have already seen the word cloud I will still outline the main topics that will be covered in this blog:

  • Windows Azure and Cloud Computing – I work there, and I will write about it
  • SEO and SEM – This is topic of interest for me and I may post ideas, statistics, or tips quite often
  • Web Analytics – Another topic of interest for me that will have bunch of posts devoted to it
  • Social Networking – Quite a fashion lately… and I like it :)
  • Customer Experience – We are all customers and what frustrates us a lot is when something is not designed to help us. I will post recommendations, reviews or just complaints (oooh, I am good at those:))
  • Presentation Tips – I try to improve my presentation skills constantly and I will post tips and tricks or the actual presentations on regular basis
  • Books I read and like


Of course there will be other random things but I don’t know what they will be upfront.



Doesn’t matter what we say, we all do things for money:) And I will not hide it – this blog will have some monetization model (quite standard one for Web property:))!


The few ways I will make money from this blog are:

  • Advertisement and Affiliate links – Very often I will post book or product reviews, and recommend those using affiliate links.
  • Search ads - The Google Custom Search Engine I use on this blog requires me to publish ads on the search results page (because it is free). If it must be then it must be! I linked those ads to my personal AdSense account.
  • Sponsorship – If I am good and become popular somebody may decide to sponsor me (you will know that as soon as it happens), and I may get paid for that.
  • Leads – I believe that if I create valuable content I will be able to create valuable contacts and those contacts can lead to lot of opportunities. Some of those opportunities may result in revenue streams.


Now that I disclosed this information I have to say that it IS NOT my goal to turn this blog into money machine. Also, it is not my goal to sell you something or convince you to purchase any service from anybody – my goals are stated above and I will not pollute this blog with ads and affiliate links. Also, I will be as objective as possible and will not recommend you anything I don’t believe is worth recommending (and of course if I recommend you something you are not obligated to buy it).


At the end I have to mention that all the money (except the hosting fee) I receive from affiliate links and search, as well as big portion of the sponsorship money (if any) I will donate to the organizations as described in My Pledge post.


My biggest reward though will be if you enjoy the content, and the most important measurement for that will be the Conversation Rate.


Enjoy reading!


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